Youth and Their Spinning Wheels

Published On 19 Jul 2016 By Shubham Parashar

Youth and Their Spinning Wheels

In past decade enormous changes have been identified in the lifestyle of youth of the nation, earlier lifestyle was the wrong word to use indeed it was life spending. But now the youth desires to struggle in ease as cars what use to be luxury in past, in current scenario has evolved to be a necessity even for the young blood. The long queue of cars outside the colleges substantiate my words.

Youth with their rides :

Parents Perspective:

Our parents also seems to have rattled of all the preconceived notions and wants their wards to be safe, relaxed and comfortable and hence they do not pull their foot back in handing over the keys of a glamorous ride to their just grown ups as soon as they manage to get a seat reserve in the first semester class rooms of the colleges. They do not want their dames to hassle in the over crowded metro rails and DTC busses, instead wants them to be at least in little peace of mind after attending those long boring lectures which only ‘ the almighty knows how much we actually attend’. Moreover, safety remains the prime concern of our parents. I remember my Mother forcing me to buy a B+ segment car or at least a second hand for that sake when I came to Delhi to pursue my graduation and denied to hand over my bike to me as she thought I’ll be more protected and safe in a four door shell car rather than a high definition bike. She told me “ kabhi accident hua toh pehle car ko lagegi fir tumhe” . But the extensive parking problems denied to work out in my favor. 

College pupil :

What can be more delightful to a college fresher when on the first day itself he gets to flaunt his own car in front of entire college crowd and grabs the attention of many. Believe me for the next couple of weeks his dad remains on the top list unless he gets knocked down by him on any of his over cool gesture or college grades. Now its actually the college era when you actually relate to your ride. You travel as long as you want. You desperately plan outings with buddies. In  your busy schedule You take all knick-knack bites in the car. The egg roll parties and the maggi sessions would have been very difficult without your car. Having a car gives you the opportunity to drop your college crush home and meanwhile you choose to take the longest distance and the most busy route just for the crave to spend little more time with her. But the most tangled moment which makes the car immortal is the day you propose her and lucky you! she folds you in her arms.

The car in your college days becomes your second home.

 New working breed:

After your graduations and post graduations when you are actually disposed and handed over to the real world is the time when no one else but you are held  responsible to put the things on the track for yourself, depends you choose right or mess it up. But actually this is also the time when start making money and if you have incremented the right goals for yourself, it’s the time to the world how capable you are.

Your ride perceives vital role in it as after you have the top notch, you do not need to fabricate things up. Your ride on behalf of you articulates your niche.

The present working class are also one of the most targeted customers of the car makers and takes the credit of the aggressive and competitive pricing strategy adopted by the manufacturers for their entry trims. As soon as we start to back our financial life we choose to get our hands on a ride which keeps us cozy and comfortable after long hour of intense grilling at our jobs. We actually tend to take a breath of ease when we get in the car being exhausted after a tiring day at the office. The car actually cuts our interactions from the outside world and we manage some reserve time for us. Our ride also brings a smile of pride on our faces when our family members and relatives admires it and it’s then we get the worth of every single penny spent on it. It also turns to be a kindle when it comes to fulfilling our duties and responsibilities, ever imagined how easy will it become to drop your dad in the club when he proudly will elaborate the comfort he had in his son’s car to his friends. Mummy now will not care to give a second thought before shopping in bulk as her son has the ride to carry it safe to home. Even your sister will flaunt his brothers new ride in front of her in-laws.

Really, your ride never lets you down.

Automobile manufacturers strategy :

As I had put earlier, the car makers tends to target the potential youth buyers with its entry trim models. Respective to their market positions, the companies target the youth according to their income groups. 

Companies like Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, Tata and Chevrolet with its model like Alto K10, Celerio, Eon, i10, Brio, Bolt, Spark, beat, etc. tends to target college students and early initial salaried buyers. The car makers throws in several elements as what maruti in its Celerio offers is an AMT (auto-manual) transmission, Honda’s Brio is mated to a very refined engine, Tata in Bolt offers multi-drive and an awesome infotainment system by Harman which sound extra ordinary and spark and beat has a stiff body frame with anti roll bars. With such gestures these manufacturers tries to dramatize their product to make it more exciting and more value for money. The top variants these cars are also equipped with standard safety amenities to relax our parents .

Next comes the middle initial income group buyers who possess the power of spending money and wants more of it. The are targeted by companies like VW with its polo, Ford with its Eco-Sport, Renault by its Duster and many more. The car offers them better road appeal, good sense of cabin space, stunning performance and much more to add more value to the product. VW has a GT-TSI variant of its Polo mated to a DSG dual clutch transmission which is a blast to drive, just to gain the interest of driving passionate. Ford and Renault has its compact SUV considering the demand of off-roaders. While Ford has managed to keep it under sub-four meter category to get the benefit of tax evasions. But Ford really uplifts its niche in the market by sorting down the elements in the Eco-Sport just to what in needed at a very appealing price.

Then for the higher income groups it’s the Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and others with their product. Audi with the A3 and the A3 Cabriolet becomes the most practical in the list as it offer everything in the best balanced proportions. The Performance of the car is very impressive, as you put your right foot on the pedal the car urges to be reved hard and the steering never seems numb and keeps you abreast. Even the ride quality is very good as it cuts every sound of the outside world. The cabin space is also fair enough for three at the back and two up in fronts. The front seat are well bolstered though the rear seat leaves traces of disappointment as it lacks adequate under thigh support. It comes with 510 lts. Of boot space well enough to keep a nuclear family rolling for a small outing. But the best part is that Audi does full justification to the A3 by pricing it at 26 lacs rupees. The A3 Cabriolet are those who craves for performance in style and are ready to compromise bits of cabin and boots space making it’s the most affordable convertible sedan.  The BMW has its breathtaking Mini Cooper lined up for youth potentials being the cheapest and cutest performer and the most less costly convertible. While the 1 series and X1 one impresses us with its handling. But again here Mercedes takes the bid with it’s A-Class which has lots to offer in and the design and the car profile pleases anyone, the diamond grill being the cherry on the cake. Volvo with its V40 tries to put it as possible with all that 7 ambient lighting colors and other tweaks, but at a price of above 40 lacs, it does not scores in practicality.

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