Interaction with Arun Malhotra, MD, Nissan Motor India on the launch event of Redi-Go

Published On 20 Jul 2016 By Shubham Parashar

Interaction with Arun Malhotra, MD, Nissan Motor India on the launch event of Redi-Go

 The Redi-Go targets a segment that is very competitive and is dominated by a market leader. What are your volume expectations?

“Yes! The entry segment is highly competitive but still not crowded. By that I mean the options in the segment are limited. Another point is that the entry segment cars as of now are not very feature rich. The Redi-Go is an 'urban-cross' with a ground clearance of 185 mm which is class leading. We are also offering features like DRLs, faux skid plates and driver side airbags as standard which are 1st in the segment. As far as volume is concerned we don't believe in projecting figures but we focus on quantum growth”.

Till date, in India Datsun is recognised as a budget brand. Will you now plan to climb up the segment?

“We do want to expand but before it we want to increase the awareness of our brand as still there are many in India who are not aware of Datsun, though  it was once a globally recognised brand. We before that are working on expanding our dealership network in tier-2 and tier-3 cities”.

After redi-Go what would next shall we expect?

“See, I am not the person who knows everything as the team is working over many things. So once something is final, then only we will be able to inform”.

To end with, where do you see Datsun by 2020?

“As informed before, our major focus is on improving our dealership network and creates awareness of our brand. We follow the 4D approach i.e., D- Display, D- Demonstration, D- Dramatise, D- Differentiate. We want our product to be dramatised in a form so that it gets differentiated from the competitors. Hence by 2020 I see Datsun to be a well known brand in India with high level of quality constraints and better affordability.”

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