Five Things to Check in Your Car before Monsoon

Published On 25 Jul 2016 By Arushi Rawat

Five Things to Check in Your Car before Monsoon

The monsoons are almost there and the conditions of the Indian roads are far from improvement. Hence, it is only wise to be cautious on the thoroughfare. So here are some quick checks you must do before you head out in the open. Follow them and you are good to go!

  • Tires - What connect your car to the road are the tires that tend to degenerate with time. Maximum amount of accidents that take place during the monsoon season are due to a car skidding or aquaplaning. Hence, ensure that the tire tread depth is or more than 2mm. Also, make sure the tire pressure is at the proper point.

  • Brakes - The second most pivotal element in your car after the tires, are your brake calipers. Ensure that they are not too loose or too tight or else your braking efficiency will be compromised.

  • Wipers -  Though wiper blades should be changed on regular intervals, renewing them before the monsoon is a must. It is the functioning of a proper blade that will make sure your visibility is high when it starts to pour. You can also add prescribed solutions in the washer storage. It will keep your windshield glass oil-free and clean.

  • Headlights and fog-lights - Another element that ensures a better visibility during the season, are your car’s headlights and fog-lights. Examine the tail-lamps, head-lamps, turn indicators and hazards. Confirm that they are not missing bulbs and are in proper working condition as they help other driver’s visibility (clear & defogged).

  • Under body holes - There are many drainage holes in a car that pave way for water to trickle out from the car. There are drainage channels in the roof, boot and bonnet. Confirm that they are not clogged, if they are, block them or else the water would flood inside of your well-loved car.

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