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Datsun GO

Datsun GO
Rs 3.31 Lac - 4.20 Lac*
*Ex-showroom price (new delhi)
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Datsun GO is Sold in the following colours in India.
  • White
  • Ruby
  • Silver
  • Sky
  • Gray
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Synopsis In India, there are six categories available in Datsun GO. Datsun GO comes in 5 colours, namely, Blue, Grey, Ruby Red, Silver and White. However, Datsun GO stands with 5 amazing petrol cars. Unfortunately the brand was halted back in 1980s but with a new ray of hope Japanese car makers, Nissan made a comeback in the Indian monopolistic market in the mid of 2014 with an entirely new name Datsun GO, a hatchback with a starting good price of Rs. 3.12 lakh which is an inexpensive alternative and abundant features for Indian buyers. Despite being in the Indian market for a long time, Nissan has not been able to gain a sizeable share in terms of sales. This is the reason why it launched Datsun Go is launched. Though Nissan knew the challenges it going to be up against when it stepped in the toughest segment of the Indian market. Nissan made genuine efforts months before launching Datsun GO to pitch it up as a substitute to Maruti Suzuki Alto without making any obvious gestures by only indirect indicatives of the same.

Outer Look
By keeping everything in mind manufacturing a hatchback, especially for Indian customers, can be a back-breaking job given that the firm can neither drop the style factor or exceed price valuations and at the same time offering an elegant hatchback with a different look from that of their competitors. This hatchback shows out a manifesting front grille, which is the most noteworthy aspect about its appearance. The shape of the grille in Datsun Go is hexagonal and combining it with the brand’s moniker in its centre, which is like a cherry on the cake. Headlamps of Datsun Go have a 3D shape and add to the uniqueness of the hatchback’s front look. However, if there is one thing that truly takes Datsun Go a step ahead from its competitors, it is the hatchback’s curvy shoulders at the rear.

Interior & Features
Datsun GO hatchback has interiors featuring a simple yet pleasing look. Datsun GO follows the trend of the Southeast Asian automakers by pinpointing on the key interiors of their vehicles and Datsun GO is another example of the same. The moment you step inside the car, there is a sense of elegance that one can gauge pretty easily. Its dashboard is simplistic, neat and has an appearance similar to a bird’s wing. On the other hand, silver accents on the steering well lend the much needed dash of class. Getting into the minutes, the front portion of the car’s interiors feature connected seats, something that give it an extravagant look compared to other four wheelers. The presence of connected seats allows both passenger and driver to derive more comfort during the journey. Boot space of this car is undoubtedly splendid at 265 litres and is of great benefit in a country like India. Convenience features of this car include mobile docking station, entertainment system with Aux and USB compatibility, low-fatigue seat design and 360 degree air conditioning vents.

Datsun GO is powered by a three-cylinder 12 valve cylinder that has a displacement of 1198 cc. A pretty good value of 67 BHP is seen as an output delivered by this car in the segment of this automobile. In terms of transmission, Datsun GO is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission system.

The 1198 cc Petrol - powered variant delivers a fuel economy of 20.6 kmpl.

Performance and Handling
With the kind of competitors Datsun GO has, the presence of a 1.2-litre engine certainly helps its cause. The power levels of the hatchback are pretty good and features like electronic accelerator pedal and speed-sensitive electric power steering certainly help in improving the car’s performance. Handling of this car certainly improves due to its short turning radius and compactness. Also, good power figures facilitate improved pick-up. It has a claimed maximum fuel economy of 20.46 kmpl, which is slightly below par for its segment.

Hyundai i10, Maruti Suzuki celerio, Mahindra KUV 1OO, Nissan Micra & Renault pulse are the main competitor in this segment for this 1198 cc petrol car.   

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  1. Space, build quality & fuel economy


  1. Base Model very basic, no glovebox, tyre size

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