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Fiat Avventura

Fiat Avventura
Rs 7.25 Lac - 9.99 Lac*
*Ex-showroom price (new delhi)
Fiat Avventura Versions
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Fiat Avventura COLOURS
Fiat Avventura is Sold in the following colours in India.
  • Pearl White
  • Zafferano Orange
  • Minimal Grey
  • Exotica Red
  • Hip Hop Black
  • Bronzo Tan
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Fiat Avventura Review
Synopsis Fiat Avventura has 3 Petrol cars and 3 Diesel cars available in India in 6 glamorous colours, namely, Bronzo Tap, Exotica Red, Hip Hop Black, Minimal Grey, Pearl White and Zafferano Orange. The initial days saw the prominence of only three categories in the auto-industry-hatchback, sedan and SUV; but with the increasing demands and diligence of Indian car admirers; the choice of car domain has spread across various native categories like super-compact hatchback, a compact hatch model, a compact sedan, a premium sedan and many more. Volkswagen was the first to introduce a cross model with more rugged exteriors, followed by Toyota; though these cars were treated only as extended versions of hatch models rather than a whole new segment. However, advent of Fiat Avventura in the scenario brought highlighted prominent changes in the rising popularity of demands and preferences of people.

Outer Look
Avventura refers to adventure in Italian and the car has done justice with the name. Its appearance resembles that of a SUV. The ground clearance is increased for better customer satisfaction. The riding experience is enthralling pertaining to the high-quality rubber used in the tyres eliminating potholes’ disturbing sensations. The car is noiseless and does not compromise with the comfort. No noise and no reduction in comfort are encountered when the car makes its move across the rugged roads. Spare wheel mounted at the rear of the model though makes the access to boot space a little unwieldy; yet is one of the key features imparting the much-needed SUV touch. Avant-garde off-roading instruments such as inclinometer, which shows the driver the angle of the car; add to its thrill. The front bumper radiantly flashes its new looks which include a brushed aluminium touch coupled with eminent robust features. The sides witness an additional cladding from plastic while all other essentials remain unaltered.

Interior & Features
Keeping with its reputation, Fiat has launched the model with diligently manufactures interiors without compromising with the comfort. With the use of ethereal and agile leather and fabric in the seats; the interior is subjected to provide ease, comfort, is spacious and imparts a grandeur touch. Revamped with a dual-tone finish, the dashboard is all captivating. The central console comes with the inclinometer. To keep the ergonomics tune, the standard features are befittingly positioned. Operations are easy to carry out without letting the driver take eye off the road ahead.

Available in petrol and diesel options, the model furnishes a 1.4-litre petrol engine for its petrol users while the other one being a 1.3-litre Multi Jet diesel mill. The transmission is taken cared by a regular five-speed gearbox system.

The 1248 cc Diesel - powered variant delivers a fuel economy of 20.5 kmpl, while the Petrol variant offers a mileage of 14.4 kmpl respectively.

Performance and Handling
The regular gearbox makes it quite a soft name as per industry standards. Though there is a lag in the turbo yet with its increased ground clearance and other felicitous features, the model has prosperously been able to create a significant market.

Toyota Etios Cross, Volkswagen Cross Polo is the main competitor of Avventura.

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