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Mahindra Bolero

Mahindra Bolero
Rs 6.6 Lac - 8.6 Lac*
*Ex-showroom price (new delhi)
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Mahindra Bolero is Sold in the following colours in India.
  • Rocky Beige
  • Pearl White
  • Mist Silver
  • Java Brown
  • Fiery Black
  • Toreador Red
  • Diamond White
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Mahindra Bolero Review

Rugged, butch and robust as it always has been. In its sixteen year of career in India, the flesh of the Bolero has become identical with similar sort of shape and size. However, this shape of it has its own mysterious attributes being admired by many for its masculine appeal, while there are some to whom it looks too boxy and vague. Entering in its third generation, Mahindra has given this Bolero a new 1.5 Lt MHawk diesel mill that powers it, while the changes in its design profile are merely sighted given the fact that it has shaved off 112mm.


Outlook & Exterior

Putting aside others’ opinion, to me the design does works out to an extent. Bolero has a wide pronouncing face that instantly tells you about its SUV character, though it falls under UV category only. Mahindra has very shrewdly shaved of around 112mm of Bolero’s length which actually cannot be implicated until a close look. The prominent five slated grille finished in charcoal gray, big headlamps that looks glitzy and a wide bumper with accentuated overhang makes the face look even more macho. Moreover, there is a skid plate alike design on the approach point and that brings me to say that the Bolero has a pretty decent approach angle that allows you to carry this bulge of flesh almost through any place.

Now coming to the side, there change in length is not really apparent. The design is of same sort, that is boxy. Rather than the decaling and a gray mould running that runs it length, there is nothing to elaborate. The same factor is prevalent even to the rear, there is no change in the profile, it continues to get the jeep like spare wheel mounted on the boot door. However, that’s not a downside, as it has given the Bolero its identity.


Interior, Features & Ambiance

The layout of the interior has not changed a bit, it’s the same dash with digital dial which is stretched near to the central console. But what rather has left me amused are the seats. They feel really well cushioned which was not the case before. The front seats are well bolstered offering decent shoulder length. Next thing that makes driving are easy now is the ergonomics such as the height of the front seat. Previously the floor height of the Bolero really gave a pain in knees on long drives. Now getting to the back, the seat seems to have been pushed to get little, just a little more legroom and the cushioning event of it is adequate.

What still seems pathetic is the material quality that are below par and there are lots of panel gaps and that is not acceptable at a price point of 8.0 lakh. Having said that, Bolero does offers features that are standard in segment such as all door power windows, a single din music system with USB and Aux connectivity, keyless entry and some more. What still it lacks are some of its safety features.


Engine & Performance

The new Bolero power plusas they call it, is powered by a new 1.5 Lt. (1493cc) Diesel 3-Cylinder power unit that replaces the previous 2.5 Lt. unit and produces around 8hp more. In total this mill propels 71 hp and 195 Nm of torque. While even the previous had enough torque to pull it almost through any terrain, this engine delivers all that torque in a very potent manner. The lower end torque is met at a low rev range 1100 rpm that makes it easy to amble around in city as you don’t require working more with gears. Having said that, the flip side is that this torque goes flat soon and the power delivery becomes static soon after 2500 rev mark. Now after all that, it has also gone little more frugal by delivering about 17 kmpl.


Ride Quality & Handling

Ride quality of the Bolero has always been a curse for it. In the previous Bolero one would easily feel the vibrations on the steering and the gear lever. Even the all the road rumble and grunts were filtered inside the cabin. And obviously, that grunt of the diesel mill was one of the major turning off. That said, even the new one doesn’t shows any dramatic change, but obviously the situation is less tempered here. In the sum and substance, what you get a better composed steering wheel and tad less lumpy rear suspensions.

Handling is actually not a factor that makes appeal with the Bolero too. People buy it generally for withal commutes. The point what we make by saying it is that we were and are never flattered with the way it handled. It takes almost 21 seconds to clock triple digits and even when you are cruising at 60 mark, body rolls even through minor windy sections are prominent. Even the steering wheel continues to feel numb and its one of the rides that tops the list of misbalanced steering to weight ratio. In fact, TUV 300 that is powered by the same mail does more justice to the handling part.


Braking & Safety

Bolero has disc biting the front wheels and drum performing duty at rear. Safety is that eminent feature the Bolero lacks in. It neither has airbags nor ABS and that is not a good thing, specially keeping its price point a concern.



I could not find a reason now why Bolero still sells in volumes. While in the good old times when it had hardly any rivals to challenge, footfalls for it did make sense. But it has gained immense popularity in remote areas and a reason for it is its sturdy body-on-chassis frame that has given it credentials to tackle almost all roads.

With the Bolero plus, what actually has been a sweet side i=are its seats and potent engine.

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  1. • Energetic new Engine

    • Well cushioned seats

    • Sturdy built


  1. • Poor interior quality

    • Too many exposed metal inside

    • Steering lack feedback

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